Saturday, October 31, 2009

Roomates & painted toenails...

So I was bugging Dexter to paint my toenails the other night, and he kept refusing to do it. Later that night we were watching movies, Gran Torino, which was really good. But then we watched this 80's movie called The Informers. Which was totally ridiculous. I'm not even sure what was going on. Anyways, there was this guy painting a girl's toenails on it, so Dexter tells me if I get my stuff he'll do it for me. I was sooo excited! So I run into the bathroom to get my stuff and then Lance hollars back at me. So I come out and he's got his socks off and goes "can I paint mine?" And I just look at him. But he's like "I've never done it and I want to know how hard it is". So I'm like "um...okay". So I go back to get my stuff and Dexter is like "I want to too".

 So I come back with two different pinks and a red. I paint mine a hott pink and Dexter paints half of his pink and the other half red and then the big toes have the other color stripe. Lance paints his the same only without the stripe. It was extremely hilarious because while I thought I was moving up here and going to have no girls to do this with, I apparently have guys who will do it. I'm laughing my butt off at them because the whole time they're going on about how hard it is. I'm like it's not that hard! But they both have polish everywhere. Lance has it all over his toes and on the floor even. They both are wondering how to get it off of thier toes. So I tell them to take a Q-tip and dip it in the nail polish remover and do it that way. So they start trying to do that and it won't come off very easily. Dexter asks me why it's not coming off very easily and I tell him of course that it is because it's expensive nail polish. So it's going to be on there for a long time. Picture me laughing at two college boys who are a little upset that this is going to be stuck on there for quite some time. The next night our roomate Josh comes home and Lance starts picking on him about his feet smelling and of course he was denying it. So Lance badgers him til he takes his socks off and then i'm like "all of you have to prove it's not your feet so take your socks off" and Dexter takes his off and Josh freaks out.

Josh: Are your toenails painted???

Dexter: Yes. Do you have a problem with it?

Josh: I'm hoping Lulu held you down and did that to you!

Dexter: Nope. I did it on my own. Tell Lance to take his socks off too.

Josh: Not you too!!!

Lance: I'm not taking my socks off.

Josh of course gives up, shaking his head, and goes to bed. I am laughing at all of them.

Who knew guys were so curious about girly stuff?  I'm just the girl to give them an education! Their future wives will thank me...

nail polish & giggles,


  1. Funny stuff Lulu, I hate to admit it but ya we like that stuff too. The worst is when you catch your guy buddies painting nails when there are no females around. (ya I was embarrassed)

  2. LMAO! I think many guys are jealous that we have so much fun "stuff" and all they have are gizmos.
    My guy's big toe has a nail on it the size of Toledo. (I once painted a mural of Paris on it. : P)

  3. OMG that's so funny! I once had a conversation with a guy that began with him saying 'So why do girls paint their nails?' Very funny lol :)
    By the by gran torino is a great movie,don't you think? :)

  4. Future wives will be thankful! Now they will know what all is involved in the process of painting nails and will hopefully not whine about their women taking so long.

    Very funny!

  5. If Mark hadn't said what he said in his comment, I'd just think your roomates (lance and dexter) were kind of girly. Your father has never ever aproached a bottle nailpolish with intent to paint his own toes. Ah well, guess they're just comfortable with their feminine sides. Lol.

    great post,

  6. I know you are sick right now, but when you are feeling better, stop by and pick up your award.


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